Why Is Black Text Grayed Out In Word?

There are three possible explanations if you’re wondering why your black text is grayed out in Microsoft Word. 


First Method:

It’s important to check your document’s settings to ensure the text color is set to black. If it’s not, you can change the color setting, and the problem should be resolved.

See the image below; select the gray color for the text.

Here you can select the Automatic mode of text color or the black color of the text.

And get the black text color.

Second Method:

Another possibility is that your document may be in draft mode, which can cause text to appear grayed out. To check this, go to the View menu and see if the “Draft” option is selected. If it is, you can switch to Print Layout mode by going to the View menu and selecting “Print Layout.”

Finally, you may get black text color.

Third Method:

If you’re seeing black text grayed out in your Microsoft Word document, it’s likely because the selected text has the “Hidden” attribute. This attribute is usually used to hide text that is not meant to be printed, such as annotations or comments.

To make the hidden text visible again, select the text and then go to the Font dialog box (press “Ctrl+D” or choose Font from the Home tab). Under the Effects section, uncheck the “Hidden” box and click OK. The hidden text should now be visible in your document.