What Does =@ Mean in Excel? A Quick Guide

In Excel, the implicit intersection operator is a way to quickly select a range of cells without explicitly specifying the cell addresses. A space between two cell addresses represents this operator, and it tells Excel to select only the cells that intersect (or overlap) with both of the cells you’ve specified.

To use the implicit intersection operator, type the address of the cell or range you want to reference, followed by a space and the number of the cell you want to intersect with. Here we clearly show the use of =@ in excel.

The =@ symbol in formulas is only supported in Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. If you try to add the @ sign in older versions, it will be silently removed upon completing the formula.

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Let’s see the example in detail: how =@ work in excel.

Here we calculate the total sales of January of all crisps by using this formula “=@B4:B9/SUM(B4:B9)”. And get only one result.

Let’s see what happens if you apply this formula without the “@” symbol.

Here you get the particular result.


An implicit intersection operator is a powerful Excel tool that can quickly find the data you need from a large dataset. Using the implicit intersection operator, you can select a specific range of cells without manually selecting each individual cell. This can save you time and effort when working with large datasets.

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