How to Speed up Old Laptop, Desktop Computer?

Do you need to speed up your old laptop or desktop computer? If so, you need to follow a few steps to help it run faster. 

In some cases, you need to check the computer for any viruses or malware. This can slow down your computer by taking up resources. You can do this by running a virus scan with your antivirus software.

You should also check for any unused programs and files. These can take up space on your hard drive and slow down your computer. You can remove these by uninstalling the programs or deleting the files.

In this article, We will focus on how to speed up your laptop/computer by making a few changes in the system configuration. By following the steps below, you can speed up your computer within a minute.

How to Speed up Old Laptop? [Check the below Steps]

Step 1: Type “RUN” on the search bar of your laptop or desktop computer and press the “ENTER” button to proceed 2nd step.

Step 2: Type “MSCONFIG” and it will open for your System Configuration.

Step 4: On the System Configuration select “BOOT>ADVANCED OPTIONS>TICK MARK NUMBER OF PROCESSORS>SELECT NUMBER 4 and click “OK” again click “OK” on the System Configuration dialog box.

Final Step: Your System Configuration needs to restart your computer to apply these changes so click the “RESTART” button.

NOTE: Make sure before restarting, to save your open files or close all programs.

After completing the above steps, watch the below video to check your computer speed.

Finally, I hope this guide on how to speed up your old laptop was helpful and informative for you. If you have any other questions or tips on how to speed up your computer, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!