How To Remove Collapse In Word?

You can shrink a document so that only the headings are visible by using the “Collapse” option in Microsoft Word. When you need to gain a general overview of a lengthy document or are working on a specific area of it without needing to see the rest of the content, this can be useful.

Use the Collapse option to make a document simpler to read if you need to add a lot of content. By collapsing the text, you can create an outline for the document that will make it easier for you to find the required information. Using the Collapse option, you can hide text that you don’t want printing or want to keep private.

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Why the Need to Remove Collapse in Word?

If you are creating a document that will print, you might need to disable Word’s collapse feature. The collapse feature can cause problems when printing, such as cutting off a text or not printing certain document sections. If you are having problems printing your document, try removing the collapse feature to see if that fixes the problem.

How to Easily Remove Collapse in Word?

There are a few steps you can do if you need to remove the Collapse function when working on a document in Microsoft Word

Step 1:

Open Word and the document you’re working on first. Then, put your mouse point to your heading and select the “Home” tab from the Word window’s top menu. 

Step 2:

In the paragraph section, click the bottom icon. Here you get a paragraph window.

Step 3:

A drop-down menu with numerous options will be available. To remove the collapse function, uncheck the box next to “Collapse text under headings.”

The Collapse command will now remove from the Microsoft Word Ribbon.