How to Split Page in Word? [5 EASIEST METHODS]

When working with long documents in Microsoft Word, you may find splitting the document into two separate pages helpful. This can be done by inserting a section break at the point where you want the split to occur. Once the section break has been inserted, you can modify the page setup options for each section, allowing you to format the document as desired.


How to Split a Page in Word in 5 Ways?

You might need to split a page in Microsoft Word for many reasons. For example, you may create a document with both portrait and landscape pages, or you may need to insert a break to control page numbering. Here are the 5 easiest methods to split a page in Word:

  1. Split a Page by Using the Split Window Option
  2. Split Pages by Using the Layout Option
  3. Split Page by Using the Table
  4. Split Page by Using Print Option
  5. Split Page by reading Mode

You can split a page in Microsoft Word in a few different ways. Here are five of the most common methods, each with an example:

1. Split a Page by Using the Split Window Option

Click the View tab on the Ribbon to get the Split Window option.

Next, select the Window group’s Split button. The two panes of your document will now be separated. 

By dragging the split bar that appears in the center of your document, you can change the size of the panes. 

2. Split Pages by Using the Layout Option

Using the Layout option, you may add a page break anywhere you need one in your document. Doing so allows you to divide the page into two halves, which will be useful if you need to enter a large amount of text.

Click on the Page Layout tab and the Columns option to use the Layout option.

You will see many column options from here that you can use to split the page. Select the option that you want. Here I selected a two-column option.

The page will now be split into two sections.

3. Split Page by Using the Table

You can use the table tool to format your document in a way that creates two separate pages. This is a great way to make a document look more organized and professional. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your document in Microsoft Word.
  • Go to the Insert tab and click the Table option.
  • Draw your table. Make sure it is two columns wide and as long as you want.
  •  Type your content into the cells of the table.

This can be a great way to give your page more visual interest and make it easier to read.

4. Split Page by Using Print Option

You can use the print function to divide a lengthy text into two pieces if you want to print it but don’t want to waste paper.

Open the document in your word processor, and click on the File option.

Then, select the option to print two pages per sheet after selecting the print option.

If you have two pages printed on a single piece of paper, you may effortlessly flip between them while reading.

5. Split Page by reading Mode

The split-page-by-read layout is a common layout used by magazines and newspapers. This type of layout is characterized by a large amount of text on one side of the page, with a smaller amount of text on the other.  

The smaller amount of text is usually accompanied by an image, making it easier for readers to scan the page and find the information they are looking for.