How to Rotate Text in Excel? [3 Methods]

If you want to rotate text in excel, it is a very easy and simple task. Now here we show how you can easily fix your text alignment within a short time. Need to rotate text in an Excel spreadsheet, you can do so by following these three Methods:


Method 1:

Open your sheet and select your text, which one you want to rotate. Next, go to the Home tab on the ribbon and select the angle option any one as you want. Here we select the Angle Counterclockwise option.

And our text now fixes the Angle.

Method 2:

Again, open your excel sheet, go to the Home section, and click the Alignment setting icon.

Then open the Format cell dialog box. In the Orientation section, you have to set the text angle degree. Click on the Ok button.

Here we set the text at a 60 degrees angle. In the below image, see the result.

Method 3:

Another way you can open the Format cell dialog box. Just select your text and right-click on it. Next, select the Format cell option, then open the dialog box.

After opening the Format cells window, you can set the text angle and click the ok button.


Here we share 3 ways to set the Angle of your text in excel. If you want the text angle in a normal position, then set the text at 0 degrees. Next, click the Ok button. Let’s play with your text and enjoy your work.