How to Match Data in Excel From Two Worksheets?

Sometimes, comparing data between two Microsoft Excel sheets can be a lengthy process. However, there are ways to make the process easier. One way is to organize the data. For example, if two sheets are for similar information, you can merge them into one.

Another way is to optimize the layout so that the sheets fit on one page. This can make it easier to compare the data. 

If you need to compare data between two different worksheets in Excel, there are ways that you can do so.

So let’s see how it is possible.

How to Match Data in Excel From Two Worksheets Side By Side?

Here we open two excel sheets. One is “Jan 2020,” and another is “Feb 2020” with the same data.

Sheet 1:

Sheet 2:

Go to sheet 1 and click the View option. Now select the “View Side by Side” option.

See the magic. You can see your two worksheets side by side. Here both are showing vertically. But if you want to see them horizontally, you also do it.

To show both sheets horizontally, you must go to the View option again and click the “Arrange All.”

Then open the Arrange Windows. You have to select the Horizontal option and click on the OK button.

Now show your two sheets horizontally.

There is another fact you have to know. When both sheets are together, both are scrolling also together. But if you want to scroll down only one sheet, then it will happen by Synchronous Scrolling. When it is enabled, then you can scroll both sheets at the same time. But if you are unable, then you can scroll just one sheet.

So this is the way where you can match data in excel from two worksheets. There are many reasons why people need to match data in Excel from two worksheets.

For example,

  • matching data can help prevent errors when entering data into a worksheet.
  • Matching data can help ensure that data is correctly formatted 
  • matching data can help users find specific information more easily etc.

Whatever your problem, the solution is one and easy. Go for it and do your job in a short time.


If you have two worksheets with similar data, you may want to match the data in Excel to compare and analyze it more easily. Just follow the tips and do the job. This method is more flexible; you can easily combine cells, format cells, compare information, etc.