How to Get Out of Edit Mode in Word?

Users of Word’s Edit Mode can make changes to a document without worrying about how those changes would affect the document’s overall formatting. This is particularly helpful when making minor adjustments or working on a document with intricate formatting.

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Why did You Need to Remove Edit Mode in Word?

One disadvantage of working in Edit Mode in Microsoft Word is that it can be easy to lose track of your place or make accidental changes to your document. You could unintentionally erase content or make other undesirable changes if you are not careful.

Additionally, working in Edit Mode can make it more difficult to view your document as a whole, which can be helpful when proofreading or making final edits.

That’s why you’ll need to remove it from Edit Mode after making changes to a document in Microsoft Word.

How to Remove Edit Mode in Word?

To remove Edit Mode in Word, open the document you want to edit. Here we share a few steps to remove the edit mode in Word in the shortest time.

Step 1:

If the document is still tracked in editing mode, the colored indicators will be visible within the text.

Step 2:

From the top toolbar, select the “Review” tab.

Step 3:

In the Changes group, click the “Accept” icon next.

Step 4:

Click ‘Accept All Changes.’

Step 5:

Your document is now out of Edit Mode!