How to Create a Checklist in Word?

Organizing your ideas and thoughts is simple and quick when you use Word to create a checklist. Using a checklist, you may ensure that all important tasks are carried out on time. The following steps will show you how to make a checklist in Word:

To insert a checkbox next to each item, click the “Developer” tab.

If you don’t have the Developer option, go to the File option.

Click on the option. Here, open an Option Window. Now click on the Customize Ribbon and select the Developer option. Next, click the OK button.

Now you can see the Developer option on the ribbon.

Next, click the Check box content control to create a checklist in Word.

This will insert a basic checklist into your document. 

By clicking on any checkbox, you can mark and unmark it easily.

How to Add a Printed Checklist in Word?

To create a printed checklist in Word, you’ll need to create a document in the program. Then, you’ll need to add text boxes for each item on your checklist. 

To do this, click the “Home” tab and “Bullet Library.” From the library, choose anyone.

Here you can see the multiple checklists I have created in Word.

If you want a different type of checklist, go to the Bullets Library and select Define New Bullet.

Next, Click on the Symbol option.

Here you can choose any symbol for your checklist and click “OK”.

See the new checklist in Word.