How to Add your own Signature in Word?

Perhaps you’re creating a document you will share with others and want to include your signature to indicate your approval. Or maybe you’re creating a document that will serve as a legal agreement, and you need to include your signature to make it binding. Whatever the reason, adding a signature in Word is a simple process.

How to Add Signature in Word Document? [Step By Step Guides]

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Step 1: Insert Signature

First, open the document in Word to add a signature image to the Word document. Afterward, choose Pictures from the Insert tab by clicking on it. In the Insert Picture window, navigate where your signature image is saved and double-click on it.

Select the signature pic and insert it.

Otherwise, copy the signature from your device, right-click on your word file, and paste it. 

Your Word document will now contain the image.

The signature comes in an extra large size. Resize the signature by any corner arrow.

Step 2: Adjust the Signature Formate

Here the signature is not adjustable within the Word file. To do adjustable here, you have to right-click on the signature. And click on the Format Picture.

Below the Format Picture section, you can see the Brightness and Contrast adjustable area.

Here I set the brightness to 46% and the contrast to 65%. Next, click the Reset button.

Here you can see the signature is perfectly set and gives a professional look. But if you drag it, then the format will be broken. To set the format correctly, you must create a text box for the signature.

Step 3: Create a Text Box

So, go to the Insert tab and click on the Text box. Here, select the simple text box.

Step 4: Drag the Signature into the Text Box

Here, your tex area is ready. Now drag the text area on the signature and set the size.

Step 5: Remove the Text Box Outline

Your signature will now appear in the text box. But here, only the text box outline is shown. 

Right-click on the text box and select the Format Shape option to remove the outline.

Next, click on the color drop-down arrow and select the white color.

 The signature image will now be added to your word document professionally.