What Does the Anchor Mean in Word?

You may notice a small anchor symbol when you insert an image, SmartArt, or drawing into a Word document. This anchor symbol indicates that the object is being anchored to the image in the document.

An object anchored to the text will stay in its position relative to the text, even if the text is moved or changed. This can be useful to ensure that an image or object always appears in a specific spot in your document.

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Please read the below to learn how to remove anchors in Word.

How to Remove an Anchor in Word?

You can accomplish this by opening the Word document and right-clicking on the image you wish to remove the anchor from. 

Go to the File Menu next. Scroll down to the option, then select it.

And scroll down to click the option.

Here is an open word option window. Click on the Display option. Make sure the option for “Object Anchors” under “Always show these formatting markers on the screen” is unchecked. This will help ensure that your document’s formatting is displayed correctly onscreen.

The anchor will no longer automatically appear when you insert an image or object. But you can easily make the anchor visible by selecting the picture or object and choosing the “Show Anchor” option from the toolbar.

You can also see the video to understand Word’s anchor better.

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