How to Add a Letterhead in Word? [6 Steps]

You might want to add letterhead in Word for several reasons. Maybe you’re writing a formal document and want it to look professional. Or perhaps you’re writing a letter to a target client and want to make a nice first impression.

Whatever the reason, adding a letterhead to your document in Word is a simple and fast way to give it a professional appearance. You should also make sure that your contact information is readily displayed.

Here are a few steps to creating a letterhead that looks polished using Word:


Step 1:

To insert a letterhead in Word, open the Word document you wish to add the letterhead to. To insert a letterhead in Word, select the “Pictures” option from the “Insert” tab.


Click on the drop-down menu and choose “Pictures.”

Step 2:

Click “Insert” after navigating to the letterhead picture file on your computer.

The Letterhead image will now be inserted into your Word document. But the letterhead is not adjusted to the word document.

Step 3:

Right-click on the letterhead image in Word and choose “Size and Position” from the menu that appears.

Open a “Layout” window, and select the “Size” tab.

Step 4:

Use the options under “Scale” to change the height to 100% and the width to 100% of the letterhead.

Step 5:

Next, go to the Text Wrapping tab and select the Behind Text wrapping style.

Step 6:

Adjusting the position of the letterhead image completes the process. Set the Horizontal and Vertical alignment by going to the position tab. Here, we’ve positioned the horizontal alignment in the middle of the page.

Set the vertical alignment on top and also relative to the page. Click “Ok” to finish all the steps.

Here we add a letterhead perfectly in Word.

A letterhead is a key element of professional correspondence. It provides recipients with important information about your company or organization and can help to make communications look more polished and professional. Hope now you can add a letterhead to your Microsoft Word document only takes a few minutes.